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  • Flaga Wielkiej Brytanii - wersja angielska
  • Flaga Niemiec - wersja niemiecka
  • Flaga Austrii - wersja austriacka
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  • Flaga Czech - wersja czeska

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We produce decals for any glass, ceramic and enamel surface using the best materials.

Furthermore, we use many unconventional decorative materials such as: noble metal preparations, transparent paints, metallic paints, organic paints, thermocromic and luminescent paints etc.

Our decals are produced in a modern fully air-conditioned production site in compliance with procedures of the Quality Management System PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and fulfil all national and international norms.

We offer following decals:

Organic decals:

Brocade decals ... more

Fluorescent and standard low-temperature decals ... more

Thermochromic decals ... more

Luminescent decals ... more

Decals for sandblasting ... more


Ceramic decals:

Tableware-glass - Firing temperature 520-580°C... more

Container glass - Firing temperature 580-630°C... more

Enamel - Firing temperature 780-820°C... more

Onglaze - firing temperature 750-800°C, 820-860°C... more

Inglaze - Firing temperature above 1150°C... more

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ikona pdf We provide Quality Guarantee for all decals.
ikona pdf We produce decals in accordance with the company product specification.