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  • Flaga Polski - wersja polska
  • Flaga Wielkiej Brytanii - wersja angielska
  • Flaga Niemiec - wersja niemiecka
  • Flaga Austrii - wersja austriacka
  • Flaga Francji - wersja francuska
  • Flaga Włoch - wersja włoska
  • Flaga Hiszpanii - wersja hiszpańska
  • Flaga Rosji - wersja rosyjska
  • Flaga Czech - wersja czeska

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer zone | Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the minimum order quantity?

Decals - 30 sheets
Pastes - 1 kg

2. Can we reproduce Pantone Colors?

Pantone guide has been developed for organic paints. Since mineral paints have completely different spectral characteristics, it is not possible to fully reproduce Pantone colors using mineral paints. Small color deviations may occur in the production. Pantone, RAL, NCS guides can be used only as an approximation of the color of mineral paints.

3. Do we offer fast delivery at additional charge?

As long as technically and logistically possible, we can fulfill orders in a short period of time. The applicable charge will be indicated in your order confirmation.

4. Is it possible to print photo decals?

Yes, although color differences may occur due to different spectral characteristics of mineral paints.

5. Is it possible to order decals without samples?

At the beginning of a cooperation it is recommended to order samples to test how decals react in client’s oven. In case of a longer cooperation, samples are not necessary.

6. Can we offer our own designs based on customer’s specification?

Yes, we cooperate with a reliable group of artists and designers and have our own design catalogue.

7. Where can I find your price list?

There is no standard price list, since prices of decals depend on many factors such as the number of colors in design, used materials etc. All prices are therefore set individually.

8. How to prepare decal designs for production?

Decal project should be sent in electronic form as follows:

  1. Vector graphics
    *.cdr to version 16, *.ai to version CS6, eps,
    all elements converted to curves
    gradients in the form of tonal transition
    graphics in documents cropped (masked) - not cut

  2. Raster graphics
    *.tif, *.eps, *.psd - minimum 300dpi, at a scale of 1:1
    decoration projects on layers - *. psd
    raster-forming elements e.g. background min. 40 x 40 cm