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  • Flaga Polski - wersja polska
  • Flaga Wielkiej Brytanii - wersja angielska
  • Flaga Niemiec - wersja niemiecka
  • Flaga Austrii - wersja austriacka
  • Flaga Francji - wersja francuska
  • Flaga Włoch - wersja włoska
  • Flaga Hiszpanii - wersja hiszpańska
  • Flaga Czech - wersja czeska

ETC Ltd.

About us | ETC Ltd.

Our Company

ETC Ltd. was founded 1991 in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. Over the years the company has gathered substantial experience in the chemical industry. Thanks to our professional and fully committed team, we are a well-known and reliable partner, consultant and producer. We follow a coherent strategy and are consequent in achieving set goals. Targeted investments in people, Management Information Systems and technical equipment are key to our success. Furthermore, we care for our clients and create solutions that best fit their needs and requirements.

Our product portfolio includes:

high-quality decals that may be applied to any glass, ceramic or enamel surface

paint pastes that may be applied to any glass, ceramic or enamel surface using different application methods (e.g. direct and indirect silk-screen printing, roller painting or thermoplastic printing)

We are also a distributor of FERRO ceramic decorative materials in Poland.

We are committed to create and deliver high quality products and services in compliance with Quality Management System.

Our values

Credibility, Competence, Flexibility