High-quality ceramic and organic decals - ETC
Certfikat ISO
  • Flaga Polski - wersja polska
  • Flaga Wielkiej Brytanii - wersja angielska
  • Flaga Niemiec - wersja niemiecka
  • Flaga Austrii - wersja austriacka
  • Flaga Francji - wersja francuska
  • Flaga Włoch - wersja włoska
  • Flaga Hiszpanii - wersja hiszpańska
  • Flaga Czech - wersja czeska

Prices, terms and conditions

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Transfer Printing

Prices of our decals are calculated individually for each order and are determined by several factors such as number of printed sheets, colors or value of materials used.

We need at least 48 hours to prepare an initial price offer. The final price and date of production is defined after prototype approval. Prototypes are made on demand within 14 days after placing an order. Their price include only cost of materials. 

Order fulfillment takes usually 10 working days from the day of accepting designs and conditions by our client.